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Marketing strategy of the organization for non-profit organizations.

The application of marketing in the activities of these organizations follows from the following assumptions:

  1. these organizations have their clients
  2. interested a certain reaction of its consumers (the legitimacy of existence),
  3. the achievement of the desired reaction requires the submission of a proposal.

How should be carried out marketing activities of nonprofit organizations is determined by two factors:

  1. the nature of the relationship of the organization with its environment,
  2. the effect of the activities supplied to consumers.

If the organization is financed from public funds and private, foreign institutions, funding can formulate these constraints for business. In addition, marketing activity is “excess”, aimed at funders and founders, as well as to a wider audience. Consequently, these organizations need to formulate strategies and resource mobilization and allocation.
Constant public assessment of the functioning of these organizations may limit the choice of directions of marketing activities, which in turn can lead to omissions of certain activities to certain groups of buyers.

seo photoIf these organizations they criticize the marketing, considering its application as a waste of public funds and considering as a tool of manipulation. Despite the criticism have a legitimate place as a concept of activities of these organizations, because these organizations need to improve their efficiency, and it is not easy in the complex market processes and competition in the market of social services.
Often these organizations are based on the active participation of volunteers and collection of funds from different founders.
Need to use with the help of volunteers and founders of the third force strategy – the involvement of volunteers and founders. Strategy can be defined as the sale of satisfaction, that is, to raise funds.

The use of formal evaluation criteria, if these organizations are not enough, and may even be unfounded. Because the actual effect of the activity of non-profit organizations may not always be precisely defined.

The nature of the effect of non-profit organizations is determined by the replacement transaction consisting in the fact that customers please, on the translation of these value and found something in exchange for the benefits offered by the organization.
Consumers may incur material costs, to reject old ideas, values, attitudes, ways of behavior, to waste time and energy. In exchange, you can reap the benefits, of the nature of the material (products, services) or social –psychological (prestige, recognition, security, complacency).
The combination of costs and benefits is the basis for the elaboration of detailed programmes of the marketing activities of the nonprofit.

Marketing activities of nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofit organizations can use marketing tools, making their adaptation to their conditions of work. Thus, they can use the tools of marketing in annual terms, the traditional, so-called CAPS8):

  1. Costs (cost as an expense),
  2. Access (used as seats),
  3. Partnership (promotion, how friendly the atmosphere),
  4. Strategy (product development services).

Can also be used for optimal marketing mix, called APPEAL

  1. Assess (assessment of the needs and demands of consumers),
  2. Produce (delivery of service)
  3. Price (price),
  4. Ensure (to make sure the high quality and efficiency achievements),
  5. Advertise (advertising and promotion),
  6. Launch (promotion of efficient distribution systems).