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What is optimization?

seo photoOptimization occurs within the code of a web site lies in the optimization of the source code of the page so that it contains the necessary and specific code snippets that will help you navigate the site, indexing all of its pages and highlighting the relevant keywords that are on the website, in particular associated with the subject site.

Code optimization of the website is to view the code of the site for the presence therein of keywords for which to search can potential Internet users. Improving navigation within our website is also a very important issue as it leads to the fact that both users and robots of the network have simple and fast access to remote elements of our web site.

It is also important to put on visitors to our website, more than the works themselves in the network. If users move smoothly on our side, and this means that the robots effectively they’ll do it. It is important that robots (with reason) is infallible, if we are talking about the typical search and easy navigation – in the case of people – some page elements avoid our attention, at least from scanning the vision only of interest to us areas of a page.

The error which it is better not to commit to the construction process of the transitions is given in the Chapter on backlinks. Because of this you will learn how to avoid building navigation is not very effective is it hard visible to ordinary users.

For whom?

Optimization for everyone. And it does not cause doubts. Even if you don’t care to improve positions in the search results, although it is worth it to do code optimization will bring relief to our guests, which will facilitate the movement and flow of information within the site.

If you made your service worth to you devoted a few moments to improve it so that it was user-friendly (user friendly). If Your site was created by someone else, thanks to the reviews written about the optimization, you will be able to see if he really did it professionally. In the case of minor errors, you can fix it yourself step by step.